The Rod Eccles Show 7 30 18 Hour 3

We on the right side of the political center are winning and we are winning big time and Rod gives you a pep talk to keep up the good work because the majority of Americans like the current direction of the country.  He also explains why there is no Blue Wave at all in most of the country and that even a few of the Democrat wins in recent elections were not really wins but where bought.  Wisconsin is forced by a leftist judge to pay for sex changes, another judge in California has tried to void the 1st Amendment, violence around Trump’s walk of fame star explodes and the violence is being perpetrated by leftists and of course, today’s Holidays

Yahoo News: Wisconsin Ordered To Pay For Sex Change Surgery 

MSN News: Judge Lifts Controversial Order In 1A Case With LA Times

CBS Los Angeles: A Bloody Nose And Another Brawl