The Rod Eccles Show 7 23 18 Hour 3

Rod Recaps the Triangle Of Peace then goes on to talk about President Marcon of France and how he is about to get played.  Seems Marcon has read Trump’s book Art Of The Deal but what Marcon doesn’t get is that Trump didn’t put all his secrets between the book covers.  Indeed, nobody ever does.  And Marcon will think he knows Trump but will instead get rolled.  Why Europe has no choice but to comply with Trump and live up to their own promises in order to secure their defense, Todays Holidays, why Cuba is changing but its not a real change and have Democrats begun their own Civil War?  Rod explains.

Los Angeles Times: Trumps Attacks Weaken Transatlantic Security Relationships

Miami Herald: Centrist Democrats Begin Arguing Against Socialist Democrats

The New York Times: Democrats See Openings At State Level Thanks To Resistance 

Yahoo News: Cuba Aims To Build Socialist Utopia