Re-enact History With Deadly Sticks Not Muskets

From the you cant make this up file.  Of course only in Progressive California would we get a story about history being cancelled.  Yes cancelled due to stupid Progressive laws.  Same kind of laws our Founders actually found abhorrent and went to war over.

There is a group of history buffs out in California that have been putting on historical war re-enactments for years now.  This year they planned on doing it again.  A sort of living history for kids and adults alike.

They had planned on using old fashioned black power with muskets.  But they had to cancel this years event because the city would not give a variance like they have in the past.

Seems as though the city laws prevent even non bullet firing historical muskets from being used in public.  Not joking.  And then the city managers gave the event organizers a suggestion to keep the festivities on track.  use sticks instead of real muskets.

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CBS Sacramento: Wooden Sticks Instead Of Rifles? Revolutionary War Reenactment Canceled Due To Elk Grove Gun Law