The Flying Taxi Is Coming

The idea of the taxi is about to change.  And its gonna be in the form of giant drone that can carry one or two humans.  And China is actually the nation leading the way.

Chinese drone maker EHang has released incredible footage of its 80mph (130kmh) driverless megadrone flying passengers around China for the first time.

The company says it has been testing the EHang 184 megadrone with ‘thousands of test flights’ with human passengers over the last four years and this new footage is the first evidence of the craft in action.

This technology is expected to be in place and flying in Dubai and other Middle Eastern nations within the next decade or so.

If you are a taxi driver or an Uber or Lyft driver, your days of employment may be limited.

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Daily Mail: EHang’s driverless MegaDrone carries passenbgers around China at 80 mph in its first ever test flights