Drive a Prius, Employ a Child Labor Miner

Of course there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of electric and electric hybrid vehicles on the roads here in North America and around the world.

There have been stories about how large the carbon footprint is of these kinds of vehicles.  Even a full expose on a open pit mine in Canada which is a virtual Dead Zone because of the environmental impact and destruction.  All so people can feel that they are saving the planet every time they get behind the wheel.

Now comes a story that takes this kind of vehicle to the next level.  It would seem that in one particular nation has a huge problem, at least according to much of the rest of the world.

Would you drive your electric powered vehicle if you knew that parts of it were exploiting children?

Well park your ride because that is exactly what is happening.  Child Labor Miners in deep, dark and dangerous mines to get the minerals that are used in the batteries of our vehicles.

Still feel like you are saving the world every time you get behind the wheel?

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