Dont Share This Story, Its Illegal

This is not a joke, but helping the police with certain kinds of crime can land you in jail.  Yes, you would think that you being a good citizen would be able to share an illegal act with your community and the cops without being the target of arrest.

You would be wrong.  If you experience child abuse or pornography, you could be guilty of a crime if you view it, open it, send it to cops or share it with your community in hopes of identifying the bad guys.

I kid you not.

Police warn folks to not open email from places you or people you do not know.  If you do and its child porn of any kind, they advise you delete it and the entire thread of conversation with that email address.  Do not share it with police.  That could land you in hot water.

How stupid is it that you, a law abiding citizen, trying to honestly help the police locate and nab a bad guy, could land you in jail.  That is how our laws are currently written.

And guess what, the head honchos of police departments all around the country like it that way and dont want the laws to change.  Again, I kid you not.

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