Vegas Shooter Document Shows Second Shooter?

The night air was violently disturbed when gun shots rang out and lead rained down on Country Music concert goers in Las Vegas.  In the mass confusion, the shooter was located high in a nearby hotel.

The Las Vegas Police told us the suspect in the mass shooting was dead.  And the LVPD alluded to the fact that he was the only real suspect.

Then people on the ground, in the hotel began talking about a second shooter.  Gun shooting professionals kept telling us that even if the lone shooter was using something called a “bump stock” he would not have been able to lay out a spray of bullets as he apparently did.

There had to be a second shooter.  Or at least, there had to be two people in that room because the shooter would have needed some assistance to carry out his act in such a short period of time.

And now we have some proof that the LVPD is indeed looking at a second person.  They even give a name.  And that name is not the shooters girlfriend.

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