ON THE RADIO: Street Preachers Win Court Victory

In the USA, we have something called freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  You cannot be limited in either by government because these rights are enshrined with our Constitution.

Well if you believe that, you might be surprised to find that you are wrong.  Sure you may win in the end, but the problem is, you have to fund your fight to establish the fact that the Constitution protects your specific rights that have been denied by a government official.

According to the story below, it appears that this whole mess got started because an individual government agent decided for himself that the rights of these street preachers were invalid.  Even when those street preachers had government permission by a local government agency that they could do what they were doing.

The rogue government agent decided to use a law on the books and twist it in order to fit the situation at hand and thus charge the preachers of a crime in which they were not guilty of.

But even though these preachers had the right and the permission to be there, a government official decided that he could end those rights and permissions by accusing them of doing something they were not doing.  It obviously silenced these preachers.  Silenced them in the land of the free.

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