ON THE RADIO: SchumerShutDown Is Shut Down

There is nothing more to be said really than the whole event will be a very large thorn in the side of the Democratic Party.  That is the whole Government Shutdown result.

Usually, the Democrats get away with blaming the Republicans with shutting down the federal government.  Usually the Republicans will do almost anything to either avert the shutdown or to end the shutdown.  Usually the Republicans get very little if anything over a government shutdown.

So its no wonder that Chuck Schumer and the gang would go the route of forcing a government shutdown.

But this time, they over played their old card, and they over played it big time.  This time nobody was buying that Republicans were to blame.  Especially since the Democrats were getting everything they wanted except for a fix for DACA/DREAMers.

The narrative came about and it is true, that the Democrats were holding Americans hostage over illegal immigrants.  Yes, everyone but the most extreme leftists got it.  Schumer obviously didn’t get the memo before he pulled out and played the shutdown card.

And now it looks like Schumer will agree to back off without getting any real assurances that DACA/DREAMers will be safe later in the year.  Guess the Schumer Shut Down got Shut Down.

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