ON THE RADIO: GOP Escalates Investigations

The GOP is finally getting the fact that there are no facts on the Trump/Russia Collusion theory.  In fact, the deeper the Democrats go, the more we find out that those guilty of this non illegal “crime” is the top Democrats themselves.

Its getting harder and harder for some at the top levels of the Democratic party to hide the truth that it was Hillary Clinton that committed crimes while she was Secretary of State AND while she was running for President of the United States.

Robert Mueller seems to targeting President Trump for Obstruction of Justice but the problem is that there was no crime committed for Mueller to investigate.  Not to mention the President is the boss of the Executive Branch of the US Government and thus he can hire and fire anyone within that branch of government for any reason he wants at any time he wants.

Not to mention, you cannot obstruct justice if there was no need to seek justice.  In other words, if there is no crime, how can you possibly obstruct?  You cant.

So now the GOP is thinking it may be time to investigate the investigate and investigate the investigation.  Senators and Congressmen are now starting to stand behind President Trump because after nearly two years of investigation, the only crimes committed were process crimes not even related to the collusion investigation.

Mueller has spent millions of dollars and months and months of time investigating and he has come up with a big fat zero when it comes to the Trump side.  But he continues to uncover potential crimes committed by those on the Clinton/DNC side yet he wont pursue them at all.  And Congress is starting to get pissed about that.

About time.

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