ON THE RADIO: DACA Renewal Processing Proceeds

Local and Federal courts have often stuck their nose where it is not Constitutionally warranted or accepted.  A Federal Court decision concerning DACA children (most are now full grown adults) is all the more troubling when you understand that it deals directly with Trump and not the Office of President or the Constitution.

You see, this court decided that one president cannot change or rescind an order from a previous president especially if that past president was named Barack Obama.  

Obama issues an Executive Order extending protections to DACA children and Trump issued a new Executive Order rescinding those protections.  So this is what the court is ruling on, that Trump cannot rescind an executive order with an executive order.

So in other words, the Federal Court is getting involved in the function of the Executive Branch of our government violating the letter and spirit of the Constitution.  Yet Liberals don’t have an issue with this at all.

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