ON THE RADIO: Some Able Bodied Medicaid Recipients Will Have To Work

The Trump Administration released some new guidelines that will allow states to have more power and say in how Federal and State Medicaid money is spent within their states.

Some able bodied recipients will have to fulfill a new requirement in order to keep getting benefits.  They will have to actually work.

This sort of thing is not new.  And some federal and state social benefits have had a work component tied to them in the past.  And even without federal approval, some states have taken the lazy to task.

The state of Maine made it a requirement to those receiving some social benefits within the state to either look for legitimate work, get legitimate work or go to school such as college or trade school and study a legitimate major or trade.

The result in Maine is a vast reduction in those not deserving, getting taxpayer money to live while being lazy and sitting on their butts.  Many who support the Trump Administration changes agree and believe the same will turn out to be true on a national level.

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