Tim Kaine Lets Lose Stupidity

Sen Tim Kaine of Virginia recently responded on the Las Vegas Mass Shooting.  Of course everybody and their step-mother is commenting on this awful event.  But many folks at least tell the truth as they know it.  Many folks tell the truth as they logically believe it.

But not Tim Kaine.  Mr. Kaine either is lying through his teeth or he simply is very, very ignorant as to how guns work and sound.  If it is the latter case, then he should not be commenting and suggesting new laws until he gets himself some “edumacation” on the subject.

If it is the former, then shame on Kaine.  But don’t take my word on it.  Check out the full story and what the good former Vice Presidential candidate said about guns and the shooter in Vegas.  And then thank your lucky stars that this man did not actually become our Vice President.

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