Obama Gets The Credit?

The reports are coming in and it looks like the media is getting in line to promote former President Obama. The gains we are seeing in the economy cannot at all be due to current President Trump. The media will not allow Trump to take any credit.

Although we know that Obama did not get the blame for a bad economy. The entire blame, according to the media belongs to former President George W Bush. But the media will give Obama all the credit for an ever improving economy. Not to mention give Obama the credit for decreasing the poverty rate.

Even though Obama saw the greatest number of those in poverty, the greatest number of those on government assistance since the Great Depression. The reality is, that every government economy number shows that the Obama era was worse than even that of former President Jimmy Carter.

Yet the media will not give President Trump credit no matter what he does to increase the value of the American economy. Don’t Doubt Me!

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