Judge Roy Bean Moore

There is a former judge in the state of Alabama that likes guns.  He likes guns so much that he brought one with him to a campaign rally speech.  He showed it to the crowd.  And the crowd loved it.

The reason Judge Roy Moore (Judge Roy Bean was a hard driving, unforgiving judge of the Old West and was portrayed in a major Hollywood movie.) brought a gun to his rally is because, according to the Judge, the left and the establishment of the Republican Party falsely accused him of being anti second amendment.

Roy Moore, the fiery Alabama Senate candidate who is considered the frontrunner in Tuesday’s closely watched Republican runoff election, pulled a gun out of his pocket at a campaign rally in Fairhope Monday night, in an effort to show he believed in the Second Amendment.

Wearing a cowboy hat and leather vest, the 70-year-old lawyer, politician, and former Alabama chief justice balked at the claim he was against the right to bear arms.

By the way, Judge Moore is the same man that refused to remove the 10 Commandments from his court room.  He is also a candidate that believes in the agenda of President Donald Trump although Trump did publicly endorse Moore’s competition.

In any event, the people of Alabama were not swayed by the rhetoric from the Republican Establishment nor the Democrats and chose a true American as their candidate in the special election to be held in December this year.

I think Trump will get behind this guy and endorse him for the Senate seat.

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