Hillary Clinton and the Billion Dollar Transfer

Hillary Clinton is the bain of many on the right side of the political isle. Folks often wonder how the hell she can seemingly get away with breaking various national and international laws.

Now it comes to light about how deep her corruption can go. Do not doubt those in the know that this sort of thing when it comes to the Clintons, is just scratching the surface.

Although this story broke nearly 2 years ago, it is still relevant today because of the activity that is going on in the Middle East. This story could also indicate that Hillary indeed was and is beholden to foreign governments. I think they are trying to pin this sort of collussion on Donald Trump.

You always have to look at what Democrats are doing when they accuse someone else of the crimes they themselves are committing. Hillary is a prime example.

READ MORE: EU Times: Hihttp://www.eutimes.net/2016/10/hillary-clintons-sudden-move-of-1-8-billion-to-qatar-central-bank-stuns-financial-world/llary Clinton’s Sudden Move of $1.8 Billion Dollars