Media Hides Important Political Trial In NY State

The Lamestream Media is ignoring a major story that is developing in the state of New York and it involves Gov, Andrew Cuomo.  And this is not going to be pretty.

Andrew Cuomo is thought of as a potential Democratic Party contender for the Presidential nomination in 2020.  This upcoming trial could derail his ambitions.  Some, even on the Democrat side, say this trial could blow up and it will be Cuomo’s fault.

Things are about to get interesting in the Empire State. There’s a corruption trial kicking off this month which doesn’t directly involve Governor Andrew Cuomo as a defendant, but it comes just about as close as you could get to it.

Cuomo is not well liked in his home state of New York and there are those that would love to see him go down in flames.  And I am not talking about Republicans.  Cuomo has made many enemies and has become to be known as a hot headed bully.

We will see where this goes and how close this gets to the Gov.

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