ON THE RADIO: 5G Takeover Is A Bad Connection

I have talked about the government taking over private industry before.  I have said that in every case, the idea is a bad one.  This is no different even though it is Donald Trump who is possibly proposing the idea.

The Federal Government taking over our Cell Phone/Wireless communications network is one of the worst ideas going right now.  And saying that it is a good idea because China and other enemies could somehow take control is not a good enough reason.

Cell phone systems expanded, grew and spawned new technology because government got out of the way.  This take over would set back the industry by 30 years at least.  No joke.

Government is not innovative and cannot be innovative.  Private companies would not invest tons of capitol if they knew there was no way for them to get a legitimate ROI.  This has been proven over and over, especially in communications.

When government got out of the way and opened the door in phones, AT&T broke up and spawned competition that lead to drastically lower long distance rates.  That in turn lead to the government finally opening up the Cell Phone industry so there could be more than two competing companies in a market.

That open market led to strong competition and technological growth.  And that is where we are today.  On the verge of 5G technology which will be a total communications game changer.  The government knows this.

But government getting in the way will prevent 5GLTE and 6G and 7G.  In other words, if we could be at 7G by the year 2050 we will not make it even by 2100 if government controls and owns the spectrum.  For this sector to grow and spawn new and awesome technology, it must remain in the hands of the private sector.

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