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September 21, 2018

Teen Groping Senator being called out for demanding delay in Kavanaugh teen groping case

Hispanic Leaders praise Trump on economy

USA still world’s most generous nation

Video: Biden says Kavanaugh “rape” same as in movie Deliverance

Pouring your college money into a black hole

A PA Rep wants to ban political talk in all schools

Michael Moore says he will move to Canada if…

*Amazon sets traps for delivery drivers

*Cross dressing man guilty of filming sex acts with straight men and posting on the Internet

*He was almost a legal citizen but then he voted illegally 

*Ford willing to testify but not on Monday

*US Jobless Claims fall to lowest level in 49 years

*Internal GOP Poll shows how poorly they communicate with public

*Trump Rallies like 2016, SRO

KiK Chat App involved in more than 1100 child sex abuse cases

September 20, 2018

Human Trafficking hits too close to home

China may be waiting for a Blue Wave

What happens if they have a trade war and the parties involve don’t show up

Republicans don’t have the guts to gut previous condition in Obamacare

Enviro Nightmare: Illegals crossing into USA leaving behind tons of trash on pristine landscape

September is already the snowiest on record in this location

*Democrats vow to raise you taxes, a lot, if they regain House and/or Senate control

*The reason for the FBI shutdown of the Observatory in New Mexico

*Trafficking gangs offer “discounts” to traffic children advertise on Facebook

*Keith Ellison accuser releases her medical records to back up 911 call

*A Poll doesn’t bode well for Kavanaugh

*Ford met with a CA State Representative back in July

*Broddrick wants to know where is her FBI investigation

September 19, 2018

Progress is progress when dealing with North Korea

Facebook now has a war room to battle election meddling

Scientist find Great White Shark lair in Pacific Ocean

Google to the rescue to save the planet while censoring the truth

Record child sex abuse settlement to four men from NYC Catholic Church

Ed Whelan thinks Feinstien will owe Kavanaugh an apology soon

Berkeley CA first to have mandatory no meat Mondays. No joke

Government spending is now unprecedented

*Sesame Street producers and writers disagree on Bert and Ernie

*Obama gets massive sweet deal from Chicago for his presidential library to last 99 years

*Flores first Republican to win this Texas seat in 139 years

*Hillary says Kavanaugh accuser deserves benefit of the doubt

*Senator Hirono says Men Need To Shut Up And Step Up when it comes to be accused of rape

*FBI and DOJ plan redactions in spite of Trump order

*Trudeau in Canada feeling the heat from Canadians to make a deal with Trump

September 18, 2018

Great Again, Hispanic income at all time high

Mad Maxine seems to urge and incite violence against Trump and Pence

TV Crew gets robbed while reporting on crime in San Francisco

*Bloomberg says he may run in 2020 as a Democrat

*Study Raising kids with religion or spirituality is good for their mental health

*Constant Unconsiderate sex is worse than rape according to feminist author

*Kavanaugh related showdown not on yet

*Democrat Socialist President of Venezuela dines on steak while citizens starve

*Trump orders Fed to declassify some documents pertaining to Russia Investigation

*Deep State is unmasked and its not pretty

September 17, 2018

Shocking truth about US/Iranian deal under Obama

Trump is taking huge hit in poll numbers this September

Big Government taking a bite out of Food Trucks in Chicago

Democrats not deranged but determined

Kavanaugh’s mother, a judge, ruled against his accusers parents years ago

Who is behind the Internet Thought Police?

The political and personal drama by the left and media is suppressing Trump’s poll numbers

*Democrats say you own your property but not really so you cant make money with it

*After admitting to breaking major law, John Kerry calls Trump a little boy

*Some GOP still fighting hard

*Is GOP giving Mid Term Elections to Democrats

*Mad Maxine Waters gets newspaper award for leadership?

*Dalai Lama like Pope knew about sex abuse by priest years and years ago

*Democrats make call to delay Kavanaugh vote as predicted

*California Professor speaks out on her alleged Judge Kavanaugh sex assault

September 14, 2018

Non Cord Connected TV services set to raise prices this year.

Google-China to link phone numbers to search

Violence against the Right escalates because of Media

Manafort lobby efforts reached to the top of Obama Administration

Michael Avenatti is winning 2020 Democrat Primary

John Kerry Deserves Jail For Secret Iran Meetings 

Jack Dorsey admits “Conservatives don’t feel safe on Twitter”

Video: Tucker Carlson vs. Michael Avenatti 

Manafort’s plea agreement with Mueller

*Booming! Fed collects record amount in income taxes through August

*Trump says new Puerto Rico death tolls numbers are conspiracy against him

*Facebook will start peaking at all of your pictures and video

*Netflix Says its not a video streaming provider in order to skip paying huge chunk to state

*Study We spend more time streaming Netflix than with our kids

*NJ Middle School Teacher teaches sympathy for “Osama” in class on 9/11 day

*Democrat Socialist Julia Salazar wins unopposed NY State Seat

*Democrats send 1,200 questions to Kavanaugh they know he can’t answer

*FBI Wont investigate Judge Kavanaugh

September 13, 2018

Public College told student her message of love and peace are not welcomed on campus

Leftists hostility toward Christians around the world growing

Buck Up US Commander says ISIS operatives will return to West to attack

Video: Real Americans tell what they think is really wrong with America and DC

A Plot Is Afoot. The coup against President Trump

FBI Leaks actually FUELED Mueller investigation into Trump

Congress has the names of the reporters who helped Strzok and Page leak anti-Trump documents

Trump signs Executive Order to impose sanctions on foreign election meddling 

9/11 Flashback “Spitting on their graves” 

Trial of ISIS plot to kill US Ambassador gets no Media coverage

Russia delivering missile systems around world to drive wedge between USA and allies

City Ordered by Judge to stop weaponizing fines against Homeowners

Facebook bans outline that explains how to stop Jihad in USA

Twitter blocks post using term Illegal Alien

*Middle Class Income highest its ever been in history

*Great Again! USA biggest oil producer in the world again

*Tax Reform 2.0? Could House vote to make cuts permanent? 

*California the Leftist Utopia has highest poverty rate in nation

*John Kerry wont deny talking with Iran and undermining President Trump’s efforts

*Crypto Crash as market loses 80% of value

*How To Murder Your Husband author arrested for murdering her husband

September 12, 2018

Keeping This Promise Is Pissing Off The Leftists

Leftists Wont Be Happy Until You Hate Your Own Kids

A Democrat With 18 Criminal Charges Is Running In Minnesota 

Praying For The Protection Of Children Is Deemed ‘Hate Speech’ By Facebook

Republicans Move To Make Tax Cuts Permanent For Some

House Cant Find Votes To End All Of Obamacare

Job Openings Climb To Highest Level Ever

Middle Class Income Coming Back. And Its Not Just Crumbs

Illegals Stole How Many Social Security Numbers?

New Technology Is Catching Illegals At Airports

100 Bangladeshi Nationals Caught At US/Mexico Border

What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas But They Are Prepping For A Downfall

NH Dumps Sander’s Son, Levi

Leftist Violent Threats Of Rape Sends Conservative Woman Into Hiding

Leftists Violence Sets Fire To A GOP Candidates HQ

About That Thing You Said About John Wilkes Booth and President Trump…