ON THE RADIO: Trump Signals Deal For Dreamers

President Trump said he was open to a deal for DREAMers in order to get the $25 billion he wants to build the border wall.

This may have some die hard anti-illegal alien voters up in arms.  They may believe that Trump is throwing them under the bus.  But Not So Fast.

There is a way for Trump to get the money for the Border Wall he promised all of us AND make sure we are not flooded with new citizens made up of DACA/DREAMers.

I have said that there is a good way to give them the opportunity to stay.  Note that the vast majority of these illegals and the vast majority of Liberals will not go for ANY part of this list.

  • Any and All Illegal relatives must self deport and apply to re-enter
  • DACA/DREAMers would have special conditional citizenship and could not vote for 7 years min.
  • DACA/DREAMers can not ever get gov handouts such as food stamps or welfare.
  • DACA/DREAMers must find gainful employment and cannot attend college past age of 28
  • DACA/DREAMers would immedietly be deported if convicted of Misdemeanor or Felony crimes.
  • DACA/DREAMers cannot ever apply for any kind of “Chain Migration”

Now if the leftist truly believe that granting these “kids” the opportunity to grow as a human being, then there is nothing in the above list that they should be opposed to.  But of course we know they will scream how unfair this list is.

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