ON THE RADIO: Fighting Back Is Not Obstruction

For whatever reason it would seem that leftists believe that conservatives should never defend themselves when the left accuses them of crimes.  No matter how serious the crime.

If you are the President, the left believes that if you defend yourself, push back or fight back in any way, then its obviously Obstruction of Justice.

Forget the fact the the President of the United States is the Chief Executive of the executive branch of our Federal Government.  That means in simplistic terms he is the CEO of the USA.  And thus he is the boss of everyone, and I do mean, EVERYONE who works in the Executive Branch of the government.

This includes the Dept of Justice.  This includes Mueller.  And thus the President can hire and FIRE anyone he wants at anytime for any reason he wants.  Everyone serves at the pleasure of the President and such wording is even used in the Constitution.

So that means unless the President actually does something illegal, he cannot obstruct justice let alone be prevented from firing someone.  The left needs to understand if you accuse someone on the right of a major crime, that they have a right to defend themselves.

I know, the left is not used to anyone on the right being so tough and being so adamant in their defense.

But this is a new day.

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