An Oldie But A Goodie

NOTICE: This is a blog post I originally wrote and posted on my Political Mind Droppings blog back in 2011. Notice how it seems to be evergreen meaning it is as true today as it was when first posted.

I have been having a running chat with a “friend” on Facebook.  Yes, I said Facebook.  Hey, it’s a social network and we are all social creatures so even I have a Facebook and Fan Page.  (If you want to be my friend on Facebook just click here.)

Back to my friend.  Our chat has been centered around Health Care and Health Insurance.  First, his main problem is he constantly confuses the two and melds them into one.  Well, the truth is health care and health insurance are two distinct industries and are not one.  They work together but they are not one and the same.

But this is not the issue. The issue is that in his lame attempt at defending Obamacare, he speaks of people who are against abortion but refuse government-mandated health care for the baby as soon as it is born. 

He doesn’t even see how hypocritical he is being. Forget the fact that his argument is false and full of holes. But instead ponder this, especially if you are a liberal in favor of government telling you when, where and how much insurance you must have or go to jail.

I asked a very pointed question. Was he in favor of Gay Marriage? He said yes. So what he was saying, and what all good Liberals say, is the government doesn’t have any business in our bedrooms or telling us who to love or not to love. 

In other words, the government should not be telling the American people who they can and cannot marry.  So the question then becomes, if it’s not OK for the government to tell you who you can or cannot marry, then why is it OK for them to tell you what to buy and how much or go to jail?

No answer of course. He didn’t want to face his hypocrisy but that is to be expected of a Liberal. The problem is, there are Liberals that think the government can do anything it wants except when it comes to something they want to do, such as smoke pot. Again, they argue that pot isn’t harming anyone, and it’s as safe or safer than cigarettes. But then they want the government to mandate they get health insurance because somehow its a right to take the knowledge, training, and expertise of an individual simply because they are in the medical profession.

Ask them if a scientist should give away his findings or inventions for free or at some government-mandated price and they, of course, say no. Their hypocrisy is rampant and more than a little annoying. It’s giving me a migraine. But then, if the Liberal has his way, the government will end up paying for my aspirin. So I guess everything is copacetic.