We Have Met The Enemy

And that enemy is US and Leftists are the boogie man

By Rod Eccles

I always like to be real. I look at the facts and review them with honesty and logic. So it pains me to say this but someone has to say it.

If you listen to talk radio or read the pundits from the center to the far right, most want to blame the lack of a Red Wave on voter cheating and evil Democrats not playing by the rules.

Sure there was some voter fraud that happened, again. But that is not what the real issue is. The real issue is US. I mean ALL of us from the center to the far right. Yes, WE are the issue.

Let me explain. I am sure the above statement has many of you reading this very mad. You will say that you didn’t vote for Democrats. That may be true but please keep reading. I am sure your anger will turn from me to the real culprits.

All of us on the right wonder how Fedderman beat Oz in PA. Then we wonder how Lake lost in AZ. And finally we are beside ourselves because of the outcome in GA where Walker lost to Warnock. I have a simple answer for you how this happened. The Trump effect.

Hold on. I am not blaming Donald Trump directly. Its an indirect effect. You see almost all of Trump’s hand picked candidates LOST. Every major candidate that talked about and pushed the notion that the 2020 election was stolen lost.

The left has succeeded in making the name of Trump very toxic. And that toxicity has seeped into the ranks of the Independent voter as well as the Republican and Conservative voter. The evidence of this is in PA and GA. A number of Republicans split their vote.

They voted for a Republican for Governor in those states but voted for the Democrat for Senate or they didn’t vote for a Senator at all. And that is on us. Not the left.

I don’t care if you think McConnell was to blame. The numbers show that he really wasn’t a factor in most political races this election cycle.

Republicans put up weak candidates. Lets face it, Dr. Oz in PA, Hershel Walker in GA nor Don Bolduc in NH were the best candidates we could have presented to the public. When it comes to nominating candidates how can the Republicans blame the Democrats? Republicans did that.

When it comes to the actual casting of the ballots, Republicans claim to be above the fray. The Democrats absolutely smoked the Republicans when it came to voting. They used the current laws and rules to their benefit. Yes, ballot harvesting was a big one.

The Democrats also got out the vote. When it came right down to it, the Democrats blasted the Republicans as mean, evil, bigoted, racists pigs that love Trump who is a criminal that should be in jail. They played and replayed the message that ALL Conservatives wanted to take away a woman’s right to an abortion even in the cases of Rape, Incest and Life of the Mother.

Of course none of that was true but they played that over and over. And when they went to get out the vote the hammered that message home. Republicans basically decided, as usual, to not counter.

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As for voting, Republicans have this insane notion that “we vote ON election day”. Meanwhile the Democrats got out the early vote in states where it is legal. They harvested ballots in states where it is legal. Meanwhile Republicans tried to play the high and pious heroes. If you haven’t noticed but even in the Marvel and DC universes, heroes die.

But looking out into the Internet Universe, the Right Wing Media, the Talk Shows, it seems almost everyone is focused on the cheat. The election steal. They bitch and moan that nothing changes. Some even throw in the towel and give up not fully understanding that by doing so you have played right into the Democrats evil and slimy little hands.

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What do we need to do? We need to fight dirty just like the left does. We need to use all the legal tools available to us that we can. The left does.

If we want to win, and that is all that matters, then we have to play the game by all the rules. Once we win, then we can change those rules to something we deem to be more fair for everyone. But you can’t change anything unless you win.

We are now at an end-game. Winning is all that matters. Winning at any cost that is legal is the name of the game. If we don’t change ourselves first, we will never have the chance to change the country. Harsh? Yes.

The truth? Absolutely!

Rod Eccles is the owner of the award winning RodEccles.Net website, Host of the popular audio/radio program – The Rod Eccles Show which returns to the air on Monday, January 9,2023 6 pm to 9 pm Eastern on ZMA Radio. And he is a dynamic Key Note Speaker. You can find out more about Rod and his show and speaking engagements at www.RodEccles.Net and www.ZMARadio.com