The Ultimate Gift

You are alive today for a reason

By Rod Eccles

It is estimated that half of all the people that have ever lived on this planet we call Earth are alive today. So that means some 8 billion people have lived and died in the past. We have about 8 billion people alive today.

Out of that 8 billion alive on this planet today, only about 330 million live in the USA. That means out of the nearly 16 billion that have ever lived, you won the ultimate lottery. You are alive in the United States of America today.

I have not even counted the millions that have been legally and illegally aborted even before they had the chance to take their first breath of air. You can ad a few million more dead to that total.

That means you are NOT junk. You were meant to be alive. You were meant to be alive today. You were meant to do amazing and important things.

You see, your family tree is full of love, life, despair and death. Your ancestors lived, loved and died. Some died early due to disease or war. Some branches in your family tree were totally wiped out by war, famine or disease.

There is a LOT of history in your personal past that culminated in you. You are the cumulative efforts and effects of love, hate, and every other human emotion.

God never makes junk. You turn yourself into junk if you think you are junk. You are alive to make a difference for those that come after you. You are not the roots of your family tree. You are a branch. You might be a major branch of your family tree. Your family roots were planted long, long, long ago.

Fertilized by the blood sweat and tears of your ancestors. Each generation strove and lived to make things better and easier for their posterity. Your ancestors had hope for a better day…a better life for everyone that came after them.

Your ancestors were not an accident either. They were put on this earth at precisely the right time in your family history. They made it possible for you to be you today.

This all means that you are here at the right time in your family history and you have an important roll to play. You can fight, love, live to make the future better for those that will follow you on your family tree. Or you can believe you do not matter, that you are junk, and forsake your posterity.

Humans have longed for freedom since the rise of the first civilization. Man wanted to be free of oppression and to be able to live the way they wanted. They wanted to be secure in their homes and on their land. They wanted government to serve them, not the other way around.

History is proof that out of that 16 billion that ever lived, fewer than 2 billion have ever known such freedom. Billions have lived and fought and even died in the hope of achieving freedom for their posterity.

Yet today, we have such freedom that most of humanity hoped and dreamed for. Yet we are quickly giving that hard earned, hard fought for freedom to the elites. We used to call these elites royalty. And down through history, royalty has been hated, loathed, bemoaned and even cursed. Yet many alive today in free lands around the globe don’t have an issue of giving their freedom to these very people. The very people your ancestors fought against.

You can disagree with my politics. You can disagree with my beliefs. You can disagree with me simply because you don’t like me. What you cannot disagree with is your history. Human history. And that history points to the fact that YOU, yes YOU have been given a gift. And that gift should never be re-gifted to the few, the elite, the royalty.

Your freedom is a gift from God Himself. It and the gift of eternal life are the ultimate gifts. Now I ask you, will you re-gift or trash that precious gift?