Kanye West: Free Speech Is Hateful

Free Speech is not about the things we agree with but about the things we disagree with

By Rod Eccles

Kanye West said something that most people disagree with. Well, I should say he said something that most people HATE!

Evidently, Kanye gave an interview on Alex Jones’ show (Jones has his own issues with free speech being called hate speech and was even sued over it AND he lost) that has the Internet, the Socials and Off-line all aghast. In fact it was so bad that the condemnation came from the left, the center and the right sides of the political isle.

Now what could have united so many with such differing political, social and economic beliefs agree upon? It was Kanye’s apparent “love” for Adolf Hitler.

The union of just about every belief and persuasion actually ends with the condemnation. I won’t go into detail of what Kanye said because it is all over the place on and off-line. But understand one thing; the differing factions reacted very differently to what Kanye said.

The left thinks this is why free speech should not be allowed in its current form. The right thinks Kanye has litterally lost his mind and his speech is proof of such and that he should get mental and medical help. (Funny thing is the all caring left doesn’t even mention the fact that Kanye may have mental issues.)

You see, the left believes with all their big, closed, dark hearts that the only speech that should be allowed is speech they agree with. Anything they disagree with is automatically labeled as HATE SPEECH and thus should be blocked, whitewashed, eliminated and the person saying such things should be banned from the Internet, lose their jobs, be shunned in public forever.

And there is the rub, folks. You cannot get even people on the left to agree with all the speech coming out from the left. So if a leftist disagrees with another leftist then who gets to decide what is hate speech?

The Founding Fathers of the USA understood that allowing people to speak their minds freely would actually piss off some. They knew it would actually piss off a lot of people. But they also knew that by protecting such speech, those that disagreed would have the ability to refute without reprisal.

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In fact, the very notion of free speech, at its very core, is pissing off some or many people. It’s called public debate.

Out of public debate we often come up with wonderful ideas on how our society should be. The anti slavery movement was born out of free speech.

Think about this for a moment. Many folks HATED the idea of letting slaves go free. If that sort of speech was around today, the majority of Southerners would have called it Hate Speech and demanded that those abolitionists be banned, blocked, eliminated from the Internet. Even would send out calls to cancel them in the public arena via having them lose their jobs or business.

Thank goodness that sort of nonsense didn’t really take root. For if those who were against the public norm of the day had gotten their way then the debates over slavery would not have been able to take place and people like me might still be enslaved in some form in those slave states. And many other nations that later abandoned the idea of slavery might still have a legal slave trade.

Free speech is intended to raise ire, cause debate, get people to think and to reveal ideas that improves the lives of individual and to improve society as a whole.

Free speech is hate speech. Its also love speech. I cannot speak for Kanye but lets face it, even though his love or admiration for Adolf Hitler is wrong and misplaced, he did make a good point. Hitler, as evil and loathsome as he was, did in fact introduce things that we as a society use today. The highway system for one. And speaking of highways, he also pretty much founded a car manufacturing company that has seem millions of people around the world buying and driving their vehicles even to this very day. You know that company as Volkswagen.

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Just know that when you disagree with what someone says, they in turn disagree with what you say. So who is right? Who gets to decide what is hate speech? Especially when all free speech is hate speech to whomever disagrees with what you say?

Rod Eccles is the owner of the award winning RodEccles.Net website, Host of the popular audio/radio program – The Rod Eccles Show which returns to the air on Monday, January 9,2023 6 pm to 9 pm Eastern on ZMA Radio. And he is a dynamic Key Note Speaker. You can find out more about Rod and his show and speaking engagements at www.RodEccles.Net and www.ZMARadio.com