The Left Wins?

Cheating is not something taught in school but its a life lesson learned

By Rod Eccles

Many folks thought there would be a huge Red Wave this past election season. All the polls indicated this would be the case. The betting and gambling boards and tables predicted such a thing. Even the Democrat leadership thought they were going to hammered this year.

And then the day of the election happened. And many of the usual suspects, like Arizona, decided to stretch out the counting of the votes.

Then we saw how wrong the polls seemed to have been. Tight races in NH, PA, NV, OR, WA and elsewhere proved to be wrong because the Democrats won pretty easily in those places.

Or did they?

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We are now lead to believe that ABORTION was the deciding factor in many of these races. Really? Over the past 18 months all we heard about was that Americans didn’t view the abortion issue as important. It was the economy. Democrats were avoiding talking about the economy and instead hammered on an issue most Americans didn’t care about. Really?

What did the Democrats know that the rest of us did not know? How is it that the price of food, gas, energy and just about everything else take a back seat to abortion? Do people really want to kill unborn babies that badly? Do people really want unrestricted abortion up to and including birth?

Look, we were mad about the 2020 election. Many folks, including some Democrats, believe that the election of 2020 was not on the up and up. In fact some states, like Florida, actually did something about it.

Well, when you look at the states that actually did something to make their elections more secure, trustworthy and timely you will find that they are Red states or Red leaning states. The Blue states largely did nothing. Hello PA and AZ.

I also find that some of my Democrat friends try to convince me that because some states have huge populations that it is impossible to count all the votes within a day. To which I say, even some third world nations that hold open elections can count their entire population’s votes in a day. We are a 1st world nation with a 4th world voting system and it is designed this way on purpose.

When you can stretch out the vote count, all kinds of things can happen. All kinds of votes can be slipped into the system virtually undetected. Some may call me a conspiracy theorist. Well if so then my question that nobody who berates me can answer. Why is it the overwhelmingly, the vast majority of these long counts end up with a Democrat Party win?

We have seen fraud in previous elections. The radical left group called ACORN…has everyone forgotten them? How about the large number of people, mostly on the left, that have been caught cheating in elections and have been fined heavily and/or served jail time since the year 2000.

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The truth is, we are moving way too slow to secure our elections and make them trustworthy. This is by design. You see many of the voting regulations that have been put in place since the debacle of 2000 favor Democrats. Not conspiracy, just actual and factual facts. And we have seen how they have benefited Democrats especially in election races where there is no way in hell the Democrat could have won fair and square.

Yet we are told to accept the results foisted upon us. If we don’t accept those results then we are ‘election deniers’ that need to have our freedom of speech taken away. YET, Democrats can deny election results that don’t go their way until the cows come home without any kind of repercussions.

Hillary Clinton to this day says that the election was stolen from her in 2016.

Well, she may actually be telling you the truth. You see, the fix was in and by all accounts she should have won. The problem with the election of 2016 is that the Democrats did not cheat thoroughly enough. This is why Hillary Clinton is still bitter to this day.

Lets face it, sometimes Democrats DO tell the truth. Their truth.


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