Gangsta’s Paradise

The Black Experience Isn’t For The Timid

By Rod Eccles

There is a movie released back in 1995 called Dangerous Minds. Its starred Michelle Pfeiffer. The song that stands as most recognized as the theme song is from rapper Coolio, Gangsta’s Paradise, also released in 1995. The song has sold more than 5 million copies world wide.

The movie hits hard. Of course Dangerous Minds is not the only major movie that exposes what its like to live in the Black Ghetto. But it is one of the most famous.

Sure our nation has become a lot less racists as a whole since the mid 20th Century. But don’t think it has disappeared. It hasn’t. Don’t think for an instant that Black in the USA have it easier today than they did 100 years ago. We don’t.

If you are born and raised in the ghetto anywhere in this country you have 2.5 strikes against you. Sure some of us raise ourselves out of the ghetto. Most of us who are under 60 years old have our parents to thank for that.

I can see the struggle that my cousins go through daily. And I mean its a struggle. And by struggle, I mean to simply stay alive and live another day.

Most in power, most white folks think that its simply the fault of Blacks. You see video after video after video showing Blacks, my people, as nothing more than animals released from the zoo.

The reality is when you have had government herd you into ghettos, promise you the moon but don’t even deliver dust, cut your education to a point where even when you graduate from high school your reading and math level is at a 6th grade level and then tell you to break up your family because government will give you benefits every month, you lose who you are and you act like animals.

When you cut off hope then people turn to their most basic instinct. That basic instinct is survival at its very basic level.

Of course, many people will point to the crime statistics. Yes, Black men are the cause of much of the violence and crime in America. But nobody ask the question, why is this the case ONLY in the USA?

Take a hard look inward. Look at American Government Policy. Look at who promotes that policy. Look at who perpetuates that policy. Don’t get me wrong. The GOP is not innocent but the evidence of history will show and prove that the ones who promote, propagate these policies are the Democratic Party.

Its a shame that we have a segment of our population that has so much to give to society, reduced to nothing more than prison fodder. Don’t blame cops. They have been taught by a system invented by, promoted by, enforced by Democrats. If you think cops focus on Blacks, ask why that is.

Ask why do more than 90% of the lowest performing school districts in this country are composed of mostly black students in mostly Democrat run districts. Ask why is black crime the highest in mostly Democrat run cities and town. Ask why do Democrats HATE black people.

ASK and demand answers.