A Notification

A simple notice of fair use. Don’t Steal My Stuff!

By Rod Eccles

I know my articles, posts, comments and commentary and other things I write, speak, broadcast or otherwise espouse out into the universe can be controversial. Some of it is even considered brilliant.

I am not one to stand on a solitary soap box. In other words, I find it flattering when others reprint or share my stuff. Its very flattering actually.

However, might I suggest that you NEVER ever take something from someone and call it, label it, name it as your own creation. It is wrong on so many levels and its illegal.

I have found that some of my posts here and on other sites and other places have been basically stolen. In other words, someone takes MY stuff and labels it as their own original creation. I will no longer stand for this. People are making money off of my creations and that is wrong.

I love when people SHARE my stuff. I do NOT love when people TAKE my stuff, put their name on it, cut me out and post or present MY stuff as THEIR stuff. Its very illegal. And frankly its just immoral.

I cant believe I actually have to write a post like this. I am shocked. I am dismayed. And that makes me angry.

I will no longer stand for this. I will be taking legal and other actions on those I catch taking my stuff without proper credit and/or compensation.

You have been warned.