Freedom Is Fragile

Freedom is the dream of man. Its also a nightmare.

There is nothing more tantalizing than freedom. There is nothing more frightening than freedom. There is nothing more fragile than freedom.

Freedom has always caught the imagination of the poor, the down trodden, the meek, the poor. Since the days of man’s first civilization, freedom has been a concept not often experienced in reality by many humans.

The thought of being free to eek out a life the way in which that individual wants and dreams of has caused many to plan, to fight, to die in an effort to achieve and experience it. Over the centuries many have salivated at the very thought and notion of it.

Freedom is also very frightening to many. It means less power for those who want to be in charge of every aspect of every day life. It means you are the master of your life, your destiny with no safety net. You live and or die by your own hand, imagination, work ethic.

Its also very, very fragile. It is under constant threat by those who abhor its very nature, its very being. Those who have a disdain for freedom will do whatever they can to crush it, bury it, burn it, grind it into a pulp and then spread that pulp over a swamp of authoritarianism. And this sort of thing can happen in an instant or slowly over time.

Those who love freedom must always be vigilant for those who hate it. You see, the haters often depict themselves as something more fantastic. They depict themselves as saviors of mankind. They have a better way. And they claim all they want to do is take care of the poor, make things more fair.

Their true goal is to enslave you, crush your spirit, make you dependent on them for your very existence. You see, that is their drug. They get high on the fact that they can and do rule over you. The Freedom Haters have always been anti-human. If you don’t bow down to them and worship them then those same people who claim they only want to help you, protect you, provide for you, save you from yourself, have no issue with killing you, tossing you aside, destroying you.

This has been true through history.

From kings and queens, to emperors, to Chairmen of authoritarian political parties, none have actually delivered on their promise of a better society, utopia. NONE!

What these rulers of men have done, what they have left behind is a massive highway of death, despair and destruction.

Those who are free and believe in the very tenants of freedom have no desire to conquer, to rule over, to disparage others. They have always fought to protect the freedom of others even if those others were not their kin, neighbors, city, country. They believe everyone should be able to experience freedom and to live as they see fit. And they are willing to lay their own lives down in order to secure such freedom not only for themselves but for others.

Even if a dictator of any kinds succeeds in crushing freedom for some, they can never kill it. Freedom is always the dream of man. It always has been. It always will be.

Funny thing about freedom though. It gives you the ability to give it up. How ironic.

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