Don’t Be A Chump

Liberals in the USA are NOT a Black Mans’ Friend

Blacks should not support the Democratic Party in general. No minority group should support the Democratic Party in general. If you have read my comments anywhere on the web, here,, ArgueWithEveryone, and many other boards and forums then you know I have no love for the Democratic Party in general.

History has shown us just how racist and bigoted the Democratic Party was and to an extent, still is. The Democrats believe that minorities, especially blacks, cannot make it in life without their help. The dirty little secret is that the Democrats are the reason that minorities have a harder than normal time making it.

Democrats have shown through out history that they, in general, hate blacks and minorities. They have passed laws upholding segregation, poll taxes and much, much more. Democrats have shown through out history to be the major forces behind denying legislation that would give blacks and other minorities an equal voice in public discourse. (Jim Crow laws anyone?)

Civil Rights took so long to pass mainly because Democrats blocked its passage for decades before the 1960’s. Indeed, the Democratic Party is the home of the KKK and slavery. This is documented fact and they cannot spin it any other way.

The Democratic Party had more members sitting in Congress who where also members of the KKK than any other party including the Republican Party. (Another historical fact Democrats try to hide.) Republicans have been the ones to advance civil liberty. (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican for much of his adult life. Another historical fact.) Republicans have been the one who went to war to right a terrible wrong that was known as slavery.

As blacks succeed and join the ranks of the middle class and the upper class, you will notice that they tend to register and vote Republican. They specifically vote conservative. Republicans, in general, believe in the human spirit. Republicans believe that each individual has an equal opportunity to shine and become successful in any en devour they choose so long as government gets out of their way.

Democrats want to continue destroying urban minority families with their welfare policies and other public policies. They keep our schools in the inner city a mess. After all they are the ones who control most schools. Democrats are the largest block against vouchers or any kind of school choice. Even after such initiatives have been shown to boost minority education results.

A Democrat founded Planned Parent Hood and its original goal was to “control the minority population”. (A historical fact and its documented in its founding documents. Look it up.) Democrats have promised much to help minorities and inner cities and have delivered little if anything. Democrats are the ones who gave us “Don’t ask, don’t tell” in the military yet they blame the Republicans for it. A Democrat signed the “Defense of Marriage Act” but blame the Republicans for this law.

No, I will not vote for or support a party that has proven itself to be corrupt and racist. Shame on any minority that supports such a group. Including Obama. Why do we assist in our own destruction? I want the Democrats to come up with honest policy that truly is fair and colorblind. Until then, this Cool Black Man will remain conservative and most likely vote for a Republican. You should to if you are or if you like minorities.

Don’t be a CHUMP!

The last word: Blacks still have a lot of voting power. And we have shown we can make a difference in elections still to this day. You have to ask yourself, with Democratic promises and Democratic Administrations and years of Congress controlled by Democrats, are we as a people better off? Are you better off?

All you have to do is look around. We have one Democratic policy after another that promised us a better life and all we get is death and destruction. Our schools are worse than ever before. Our inner cities are more violent than ever before. Our young men are locked away in prison in greater numbers than ever before. Yet you still vote for the same people who did this to us.

Don’t be a chump. Understand the plan of the Democratic party is the plan of the KKK. Control the blacks, keep them down, keep them under control, keep them dependent on rich white plantation owners who are now just rich white politicians. Next time a politician promises you something, just say, “I ain’t no chump” and vote for the other person who most likely won’t be a Democrat.

3 minutes of wisdom and truth. Don’t be a chump.

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