Nuclear Attack On Your Freedom

Over the past two years, freedom around the world has been attacked. Even in the United States. And not a single shot in anger was fired. No missile attacks. No drone strikes. No war. None of this was needed to devastate freedom.

Instead two non military things were used to attack our freedom. A virus known popularly as COVID-19 and FEAR.

Yes, COVID was the conventional weapon used followed by the nuclear weapon of fear. The combination was deadly to freedom.

Nation’s that thought they were basically free woke up one day to oppression and authoritarian rule. Countries all over the world told you that you could not work, provide for yourself or your family. Even in the United States we were put on an unprecedented “lock down”.

At first this was due to ignorance. Nobody really knew or understood what COVID-19 was. Nobody really knew the damage it could do. Governments all around the world used this ignorance to institute policy that they could never get by the people at any other time.

Then when governments saw how easily their populations would comply with a virus mandate, they began to institute fear. Even as we began to figure out COVID was not as deadly as first thought, governments mandated things based on fear. They promoted that fear. They demanded we all bow to that fear.

Then vaccines against COVID started rolling out to various populations around the world. At first we were told this would be the end of the pandemic. COVID had met its match. Freedom would be re-instituted soon.

Sadly that return of freedom did not happen. In fact, many governments doubled down on the fear. Kept mask mandates in place. Demanded and mandated people get the vaccine even if they did not need nor want it.

In some cases, governments like Australia actually began to lock up people who refused to get the shot or protested against the mandate. Yes, in Australia it became illegal to protest. Sounds more like China or North Korea or Cuba. Australia also continued to ban most travel in and out of the country. Again, sounds more like a communist nation.

The United States decided at first that government could not mandate a vaccine. They sited the US Constitution as the roadblock. But that did not stop them for long. It only delayed what they wanted to do. Governments from the local level to the Federal level decided that the Constitution was not going to stop them from mandating anything on the people. After all, here in the USA, we were “used to” a mandate. Obamacare.

To double down on this, our governments decided that if you didn’t do what they said, you would be prevented from enjoying life to its fullest by not being able to participate in any public activities such as going to live plays, concerts or other public events. You wouldn’t be able to go out to eat in a restaurant. And you were even threatened with not being able to shop in person, even for food. And last but not least, some of our governments actually went after your job. Your main source of income.

All because they continued this nuclear attack of fear. Even as the actual numbers of deaths did not materialize as they said they would, as we found out that greater than 99.8% of those who get COVID would survive and recover, our government kept telling us how deadly and dangerous this virus is.

They even talked about how you did not have a right or freedom to not be inoculated because you didn’t have the right to spread the virus to others.

I guess you could say that about anything including the common cold.

And of course if you push back even a little bit…if you question the officials even a little bit, they respond with anger. Total anger. They often reply “just do as you are told”.

When governments believe they can do or say anything to you, then you have lost your freedom. When governments can dictate what you can and cannot do with or to your own body, then you have lost your freedom. When governments determine who can provide for themselves and who cannot, then you have lost your freedom.

Now these same people in our governments want to dictate to you what your children learn in school. They want to dictate to parents that your child, even as young as 5 years old, will get the COVID-19 vaccine. They want to take your rights as a parent away from you. Another freedom nuked.

At this point there is not a single freedom that out of these people’s cross-hairs. They are targeting every remaining freedom you have. And if you refuse to comply, they will use the full weight and authority of the government to make you comply or they will take away all your freedom by locking you up.

This sort of thing, freedom attack, used to be limited to conspiracy nut jobs.

But just like in the movie Conspiracy Theory, the “nut jobs” got one conspiracy right. And its effect is devastating.

The only way out is to use a Patriot Missile against fear nukes. Take authoritarians out at the ballot box. Attend local town meetings. Demand that governmental officials provide full disclosure, and I mean FULL disclosure, on why they are doing what they are doing. Don’t let them take your freedom without a fight.

If you don’t, YOU will be the mythical generation that sits in your rocking chair when you are old telling stories to your grandchildren about a time when you lived in a free nation.

Just be prepared to explain and answer when those grandchildren ask you why you let freedom slip through your fingers.

Is that an explanation you are willing to give?