Will Biden Open The Immigrant Flood Gates?

Our new president may get his head handed to him by the Mexican president when it comes to migration and immigration. The Mexican president will tell Biden that the USA needs…NEEDS 600k to 800 new migrant workers from Mexico and Central America every year.

I thought the USA was suffering from high unemployment. If Americans cant find jobs, then how are these new “migrants” going to blend in and contribute to our society?

This is not about keeping migrants safe. Its about flooding the USA with rabble, criminals and welfare seeking poor. In short, Mexico and Central America will be attempting to send America some of the worse their respective nations have to offer.

Those nations south of our border will empty their jails and encourage the poor to make the trek north to a better life, free money, free food, free housing. Something that Biden and the Democrats will be very eager to offer…in exchange for those migrant votes…legal or otherwise.

Newsmax has the story here.