I have been silent.

I have been silent long enough.

I have been silent for too long.

Covid-19 has forced me into silence, so I tell myself.  But that is not the whole truth. The whole truth is I was tired.  I was mentally drained. I was shut down by social media. I almost gave up.


You see, there is only so much a human can take.  Even someone who is as experienced in the world body politic as I am.  There comes a point when you think “what’s the point”? 

You see people willingly give up their freedom out of fear in order to be safe.  The problem is, they know in their own little minds, they are not safe. But they give up that freedom and real security because everyone else is doing so.

I felt like I was shouting in the face of a category 6 hurricane.  Nobody could or would hear me. I was not alone. A few months out there were shouting the same warning.  But it seemed as if we were not, could not be heard. 

But then, events in the states of Michigan and Montana changed everything.  Yes, two small events, as the media would have you believe, could indeed change everything.  

Some of my fans would tell me to not give up.  Don’t give in. Your words are being heard. It just takes some time for the majority to process them.  It takes some time for the majority to actually live out what they believe at first to be the “new normal”.  

Most folks don’t like this new normal.  By the way, where have we heard that before?  New normal?  

Normal is not new.  It is as it has always been.

But, I hear that Social Distancing is the new normal.  This is nothing more than a Millennial construct that means nothing in reality.  Let’s face it, it does not and cannot work. Frankly, the truth is if one violates this “rule” just once, then it is a moot point.  

Let me ask you, have you always maintained a safe Social Distance of at least 6 feet ALL the time when you are in public?  Of course not. As soon as you pass by someone in the grocery isle, you have negated this stupid rule. 

I love it (not really) when I do my grocery shopping and I freely interact in less than 6 feet with other shoppers in the isles only to end up in the check out line where there are marks on the floor imploring me to stand here and not there.   

Then I get to the checkout register and of course, the clerk is not 6 feet away from me.  But they do have a plexiglass partition. As if Covid or any other virus could not find its way around and over that hastily applied barrier.  

Oh, and the store emplores shoppers to use their credit or debit card.  I comply with that request only to find that the terminal is covered in plastic wrap.  The problem is, I have to enter a lot of information into that terminal. And so do countless other shoppers before and after me.  

Does the store change that plastic barrier after every shopper?  Nope.

My logical brain cannot compute the idiocy in which it is currently living.  I can walk within inches of another customer, but I must stand in line 6 feet from that same customer.  I have to use a terminal touched by that other customer. But, that customer was wearing a mask so I must be safe.

Don’t get me started on those stupid mask.  Every medical professional I have spoken to, (and it has been more than a few) have told me the masks that most are wearing are almost totally useless.

But folks “feel” safe wearing them.  Folks “feel” safe with Social Distancing.  But then if you have ever listened to my program or read any of my articles or blog posts you would know, your feelings don’t count’  

Covid-19 and every other virus out there, does not care if you FEEL safe.  Terrorist don’t care if you FEEL safe. (I have often said the people on those jets during 9-11 FELT safe, but were they?  Obviously, they cannot answer you because they are all dead.)

What we have going on now is a vast experiment on how to take away people’s rights and freedoms without a war.  It’s as simple as that. And the majority of us have fallen into line without question.  

This is not about Covid-19 and it never has been about Covid-19.  It is about destroying economies that were booming without government intervention.  It was about destroying President Trump in the USA and any leader elected around the world who was like Trump. 

It was about the Globalist grasping at their waning power to instill their will upon the people of the free world.  Nothing more and nothing less. And much of the world fell in line out of fear. Not logic.  

I was screaming into the wind about this.  And I got tired. But the actions of people in a few states here in the USA has given me a glimmer of hope that all is not lost.  

I may be tired, but I am not out of energy.  

I will not be silent any longer.