Long Summer Into Darkness

The days grow longer and the sun gets higher in the sky.  We call this time period on this planet, SUMMER.  

The funny thing about summer.  It never lasts. Or does it?  Officially summer registers only 3 months out of 12 on the calendar.  Or so we have been taught to believe.  

What if I told you that summer is actually 6 months of the year.  This goes for winter and spring and fall as well.  You would say I was crazy because that would mean a 24 month year and we all know a full year on earth is only 12 months. 

But you see, that is where you would be wrong.  You would be viewing the world ONLY from your perspective.  You would be viewing the world as you were taught, not as it is.  

You see, there are 4 halves or parts of the world.  The East and the West. The North and the South. Let’s take North and South.  When it is summer in the North, it is winter in the South. When it is winter in the North, it is summer in the South.  

So although summer is only 3 months in the North, it is also 3 months in the South at a different time of the year.  Thus you can have summer for 6 months.  

Well now, that can be eye-opening to many folks because they never thought of that before.  And that is the problem. We don’t think. We are being led down the summer road into darkness.  

We are told and now taught to believe that taking away freedoms is equal to being safe.  Forget the Covid-19 pandemic for a minute.  It is merely a symptom of a much bigger illness.  

There is an anti-freedom movement that has been launched around the world.  Even in the USA. Yet they tell us this anti-freedom is for our own safety. And people are being taught that this is so.  

It has become so ingrained in some that during the Covid-19 pandemic, there are people calling for world-wide Martial Law.  Martial Law over a virus that does not seem to be as deadly as others we have faced in the past or currently face. 

The problem is not the virus.  The problem is that so many people are willing to give up their basic, God-given freedom in order to feel safe and protected from the big bad world.  

The problem is, there is another side.  You see, these anti-freedom people have the freedom to sequester themselves inside their homes if they believe the world to be so dangerous.  They can limit their exposure to others day and night at any time of the year. They can move out of the city and into the country on their own land and do as they please.

But that is not good enough for them.  They don’t want to live their lifestyle alone.  They want to force everyone to live as they see fit.  Thus no freedom for you and I to choose our own way in the world.  After all, it is safer for each of us if a few people who are very smart tell us how we should live.  We are too stupid to live our life on our own. It is too dangerous to live our lives in freedom.

So we are told.

So we are taught.

It is so bad now, that when American’s protest in support of opening up their state and the USA again, we have counter-protests suggesting that the government actually take away the rights of the former to protest.  

And the anti-protestors are given the media coverage.  The anti-protestors have their videos go viral online. There is a massive media movement to strip us of our freedom. 

But just as you probably don’t see summer in the South when you are in winter in the North, you probably are not seeing how the left is destroying your freedom and getting you to actually agree.  

You are being told.

You are being taught.

The lesson?  Freedom is dangerous in the hands of the people.

Now, don’t you feel safe?

Rod Eccles is a national Key-Note speaker, host of The Rod Eccles Show radio program and podcast and entrepreneur.  He believes in the true and real American Dream of freedom and pursuit of happiness. You can get more info and listen to Rods programs at his site RodEccles.Net.

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