Rod Eccles Show Podcast 3 5 20

The Rod Eccles Show: Podcast: 3 5 2020: Rod continues to take on the Coronavirus and trying to help people fight the hysteria of this currently non epidemic pandemic. Plus, Republicans in DC would rather have Bernie instead of Joe as the Democratic candidate and why it doesn’t really matter. Plus there is something new when it comes to tobacco and it means bigger government.

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  1. Hey there,
    I do miss the live radio but got use to your archives too bad I may soon not have the time to get on line for your wit and take on things NH.
    I have of late announced my intent to run as an Republican for St. Rep., Belknap 1, Center Harbor & New Hampton.
    I am expanding my local feet on the ground support so if anyone spreads the word and keep reminding people to reach out to help me where they can and inform their Cen. Hab. & N. Hampton contacts to reach out it would be mighty nice.
    Take care Rod & Company
    Tom Waving…..
    FYI – enjoy
    LTE to is submitted but not published
    LTE Laconia Daily Sun link:
    Keep me in your loop personally at
    or NH politically

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