Rod Eccles Show Podcast 1 17 20

The Rod Eccles Show Podcast: 1 17 20: This episode Rod talks about the reality of the Aussie bush fires and who started them and why. And he goes into detail about why the enviro-wacko movement is not really environmentally friendly.

Rod also delves into this whole Anti-America movement from the left. He explains how we are not at a point never seen before in our nation when, according to Democrats, its Political Party first, Constitution and the People second. No nation in history has ever been able to continue once politics reaches this level.

And he brings a few more light-hearted topics for the listener. No Prince Harry or Megan stories today but some about Social Media and a story out of Russia that seems to indicate that a boy of 10 may soon be a father. I’m sure the American Left will blame Trump for this.

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