Rod Eccles Show Podcast 1 15 20

The Rod Eccles Show Podcast 1 15 20: This episode, Rod fully explains the new disorder that will be front and center for the year 2020. Entitlement. Its all the rage. Rod explains what it is and why it will affect everything going forward.


  1. Well, this is different than the radio show…. since I only commented once in a while as I listened to the live show … commenting now afterwards would not feel the same. I assume it’s easier, more convenient to produce podcasts at your leisure not being tied to a specific 2hrs.
    Still enjoyable.

    1. LOL . Cute, now comments are moderated and I’m not able to in real time comment on Kevin’s remarks. Time stamp is off a bit also…. it is 10:49 am 1/16/2020 as I enter “post Comment”.

    2. Although it is easier, that was not the burning desire. The live broadcast host was the issue and it had gotten to a point I could no longer put up with their shenanigans. Although, a new LIVE version with video of the program is still in the planning stages and hopefully will appear before this year is out.

  2. I will come back and continue this podcast later since i noticed ….when I post these comments the podcast defaults to the beginning so I’ve am learning to note the time stamp of when I make a comment to return to the area where it left me.
    I am going to listen to Stefan Molyneux, the host of Freedomain Radio, video about his view of White Nationalism after his visit to Poland.
    Stefan Molyneux, Host of Freedomain Radio

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