I’m Lonely

OK, the reality is, I am not lonely.  Not the way you probably think.  What I mean by I’m Lonely is due to the way I run my business and my life.  Not that I don’t have tons of friends, close and distant.

I do have a tight inner circle.  And due to my personality and lack of trust, it is hard to break into my inner circle.  My inner circle has a few, close and tight friends.  Friends I can depend on for just about anything, any situation.

My outer circle of friends is a lot more vast.  Those are people I know I can have a good time with.  We can party, talk about politics or religion without resorting to fisticuffs.  (Do you like that old fashioned word?)  But, if I am ever in trouble or in need, they are not the first or second group of people I would call on for assistance.

Now, my inner circle, they are not always close by.  I may be hard and fast friends with someone who lives hundreds of miles away.  But with the power of the Internet, Smart Phones and the Old Fashioned telephone, I can be in touch with them in a heartbeat.  But they may be too far to help in time of dire need.  I can’t think of a time when I was in such a place and had nobody in close proximity who could help out.

And I have a third circle of friends.  They are the outer ring.  I don’t have conversations with them in-depth often.  But, they have knowledge or information I may call upon for them to share.  I may never “hang out” with them but they are still friends and they enrich my life.

So why am I lonely?

I often feel and think that when it comes to being me, it is hard.  In case you don’t know, I am a Black/Cherokee man.  According to much of the public, I should be a diehard liberal or leftists.

If you know even the basics about me, then you know there is no way in hell I would be left of center on anything.  I am conservative through and through.

I also run a business on this basis.  And because of my legit trust issues, I often do not have people I can turn to in order to lighten my load.  I am NOT complaining.  Just stating the facts.

Frankly, every good and solid CEO feels and thinks the same.  They are alone at the top.  They know that there are tons of folks who are itching to find a crack in the armor to take them down or take them out.

These kinds of people are not paranoid.  They know what the facts are.  Their inner circle is tight and loyal.  There is no other way.  And you will find that these are the kinds of people you want in your inner circle.  You probably already have a few like this.  They will stick by you no matter what.  Even when they know you are wrong.  Unless they find out you are a mass murderer or a pedo.

Now, I am not rich by most American standards.  Although I have been “accused” of being rich by some who don’t earn as much as I do or who do not have the earthly things I may have.  But the reality is, I am not even in the top 5% of income earners in the USA.  By the way, the top 5% earners have annual incomes north of $300k per year.

When you are a business owner, small medium or large, you can only have a few people who understand you and won’t be jealous of you.  This limits your inner circle as well.   You don’t want people hanging around you who are jealous of what you have accomplished or what you are attempting to accomplish.  They will derail you faster than a bad economy.

So you labor alone.  Even if you have employees, you still labor alone.  And that can get a bit lonely.

That is not a complaint.  It is actually a badge of honor.

So if you are feeling a bit lonely, ask yourself if who you are and what you are doing is limiting your inner circle.  Understand those with huge inner circles do not accomplish much in life and they do not really affect or effect the world around them for the better (or for the worst).  You know who those people are.  They seem to hang out with the same 20 people every weekend.

The way to be successful, even if you have a job and not own a business, is to limit your inner circle to a few people you totally trust and will be loyal to you even when you are at your worst.  Your inner circle will always see the best in you and encourage you to be your best even when you are down.

That may be only one person it maybe 5.  Rarely is a real and true inner circle more than 10.

So if you are feeling a bit “lonely” know that it is not a bad thing.  You are on the right track and you will accomplish great things.

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