San Francisco Area Homeless Homeless Growth Staggering

Have you ever noticed that in just about every Liberal run city or state, the status of the poor is significant? The San Francisco Bay Area is one of these heavily Liberal Ideology areas run by Democrats and Leftists and has done so for decades.

There is no question that the Bay Area has a massive homeless problem. But it is a little surprise just how big and how fast the problem is growing.

Year over year homeless growth in probably the most liberal area of California is astonishing. The number of homeless has about doubled. Of course we can speculate that a major part of that growth is the the cities of San Francisco and Oakland are Sanctuary Cities in a Sanctuary State.

Yet, the cities and the state won’t back off of their failed policies. Instead they double down on them and raise taxes and keep inviting illegals to camp on their streets. At the same time, they continue to ignore the homeless they currently have to deal with.

We have all heard about or seen the apps that map out human feces on San Francisco streets and the problem continues to grow.


AP: San Francisco area homeless count increases by double digits