France Does Not Belong To France

Startling headline? You bet. But imagine someone saying, The United States does not belong to the United States. This is actually what many on the left have been saying for some time now. They have used the expression “nobody is illegal”.

Understand the rest of the world takes note of this. They take note no matter where they are or where they come from and it does not matter where they go to escape where they came from.

Now you have immigrants in France protesting in France telling the French people that France does not belong to them.

The USA has experienced this even very recently. Americans have been banned from displaying or wearing the American Flag because it may offend non-American citizens. We have seen Mexican and other Latino immigrants protest in the USA. Some have even carried signs promoting the slogan “Make (insert state) Mexico.”

The truth is, no mater what you home or birth nation is, that is your nation and it belongs to you. Thus, France DOES belong to the French and the USA DOES belong to American Citizens.


News Wars: ‘France Does Not Belong to The French!’ 400+ African Migrants Storm Airport to Demand Asylum

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