There Is A New Sheriff In Town

It was inevitable. With the current anti-modern society movement fully underway, with laws banning this thing and banning that thing, it makes perfect sense to expect that there would be a need to enforce such bans.

Introducing a new kind of “cop” on the streets. This sort of Officer of the Law could be coming to a mall food court near you.

Forget Mall Cops. The new useless officer in town is the Straw Police. Yes, the Drinking Straw Police.

It would seem that in Washington, D.C. there is actually a person dedicated to enforcing the city’s ban on plastic drinking straws. Yes, those devices that have made drinking on the go convenient and sanitary, are now public environmental enemy number one.

And the left makes no bones about their sheer and utter hatred for the tiny sipping assistant. Even to the point of admitting how little space these things take up in the greater scheme of our trash and waste. The fact that straws exist is enough to send them over the organic mountain top.

“It’s pretty absurd the amount of resources we put into creating plastic materials that we are using for five minutes to an hour, and then never again,” said Julie Lawson, director of D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser’s Office of the Clean City. “Single-use plastics are taking the same cultural place as tobacco where it’s socially unacceptable.”

So now the plastic drinking straw is as dangerous as tobacco and shares the same shameful hatred from the left. Although, tobacco has not been totally banned. AT least not yet.

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