The Sexual Grooming Of Your Child

Sexual predators are stalking your kids. Especially your teen child.  And there is no way for you to put your eyes on them by looking around your neighborhood and you cant keep them away by posting a cop at your child’s school.

Sexual predators are contacting and grooming your child via the Internet.  Actually they are grooming children via Social Media.  The more popular the Social Media platform is with the under 18 year old set, the more stalking and grooming that happens.

One of these Social Media platforms is more like an instant chat.  You probably remember chat platforms like Yahoo and AOL had and you know that they died.  They are all dead and pretty much gone, right.  Wrong.

Instant chat platforms are not only alive they are thriving among the young.  Snapchat and KiK are two of the biggest here in the West.  And it would seem that according to some law enforcement leaders, KiK is by far the most used.  And there is a reason why.

Of 29 police forces that supplied information to the BBC, all but one had child exploitation cases involving Kik.

Police say they are frustrated with Kik’s response, with one detective saying getting information out of the firm was a “bureaucratic nightmare”.

This means if your child is using KiK (or any social or chat platform) they are at risk of or are already being groomed by a sexual predator.

Does that sound scary to you?  Well imagine if they get your child to do what they ask?  Send “sexy” instant pictures.  Take off their underwear while being recorded.  Convincing your child to meet them in person for a “play date”.

Does that get your attention?  Grab your kids tablet and smart phone and start snooping.  You may be shocked at what you find so be prepared.  And while you are doing that…


KiK Chat App Involved In Over 1,100 Child Abuse Cases