The Threat is Real But Not Scary

The giant multi national, multi brand conglomerate corporation, Unilever, is putting the squeeze on social media especially Facebook.  And it has everything to do with Fake News

Unilever is threatening to pull its advertising dollars from any and all social media and online platforms if they do not control what they deem to be fake news and divisive content.

First of all, I’m not sure what they will construed as “divisive” content.  I guess it is code for “conservative or traditional thoughts and beliefs”.  Don’t doubt me on that.

The other issue is Unilever must believe it doesn’t need to advertise in order to sell its products.  If that happens to be true, then why advertise in the first place?  If you did not have to advertise your product or service, would you not increase shareholder value or reinvest in research and development to bring even better products to market?

I guess Unilever will just let their competitors advertise and market to Unilever customers without Unilever countering.

Couldn’t happen to a better company.

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