Social Media Conservative Purge

The big story in social media today seems to be the fact that media giants Twitter, Facebook and Google seem to be on a tear to purge and eliminate conservative thought on their websites.  But they are not the only ones.

The further I dig into this, the more I learn about social media as a whole the more I understand and hear about many social media outlets apparent dislike of conservative ideas on their various sites.

The ‘Newspaper’ social media site of Medium falls into this category of anti-Trump and anti-conservative thought.  It seems that a number of Conservative pundits, including some with very large followings are being labeled as Far Right and Alt-Right.

Of course, after you read some of the names, you will agree that some of them are not extreme in their views and you have to wonder how they would be targeted for lock out or removal.

The true and basic answer is simply because these sites are run by wealthy, Progressive founders and CEO’s.  That is the answer.

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