San Francisco Is Getting Empty

California is experiencing an exodus of its population.  Much of the state is seeing their population numbers of legal citizens dropping.  No where is that more evident than in San Francisco.

Although the reasons do vary as to why people are leaving there are a few common threads and all of those reasons are directly related to liberal public policy on the state level.

Citizens report they are leaving San Francisco because of housing cost.  Even many high paid tech execs can’t afford the housing prices or rents in the Bay Area and thus many are forced to move.  Others move because they are trying to cash in on the cost explosion.

The main reason for this, and you wont see many media outlets report this, is because there is little to no new housing being built.  In other words the supply is artificially being restricted by government and the government is doing so for artificial environmental reasons.

San Francisco and Bay Area crime is also on the rise.  Again, do to the economics of the area and, according to records, studies and residents, the every growing illegal population due to California and San Francisco having Sanctuary status.

The crime rate in the area is not the only thing surprisingly high for such a liberal enclave in such a liberal state.  The homeless population has exploded in the Bay Area.  Of course there are two kinds of homeless.

There are the top tier kind.  They live in converted vans and motor homes because even though they have high paying jobs, its still not enough to pay for the high priced housing in the area.  The other is the ever familiar poor and mentally ill on the streets.  That number is also growing.

Any way you look at it, people are leaving California and the Bay Area mostly because of the policies that many of those same people voted for.

See the irony?

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