ON THE RADIO: Illegal Immigrants Are Repeat Offenders

With the death of NFL Player, Edwin Jackson and his Uber driver over the week end, attention is being turned back towards illegal aliens and building the wall and fixing our poor deportation procedures.

ICE has released data on some of those that they keep catching and deporting.  In some cases, although not all that unusual, over 30 times.   So far, the Government agency charged with catching illegal aliens says that there is one illegal in particular that has been caught and deported no less than 44 times.

A number of illegals have been caught and deported over 30 times.  Of course the number of illegals who have been caught and deported in the double digits is growing and ICE is growing frustrated.

Trump has taken the occasion of the double drunk driving homicide by an illegal alien to once again call Democrats to task about not wanting to build the border wall.

Indeed because two more law abiding hard working American Citizens are now dead at the hands of an illegal immigrant that has been caught and deported before.  This was a senseless tragedy that could of been avoided if only Democrats would get off their collective asses and do what is right for this nation and its citizens and stop pandering to folks who should not be here and indeed have no legitimate right to be here.

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