ON THE RADIO: They Hate Before They Love

Campus Reform is at it again.  This time the issue was about He said He said.  College students were asked about what they thought about specific quotes given by Donald Trump.  As per usual, the students lashed out against Trump.

They hated the quotes and some even went further about what should happen to Trump because of those words.

Then a change of heart came about most of these same students when they learned that these quotes were not actually uttered by Donald J Trump at the most recent State of the Union Address, but were actually spoken by Barack H Obama in previous State of the Union Addresses.

You can’t show bias more than these students have shown.  They also show how partisain they can be and how ignorant of history, their own recent history, these people are.  So typical of the left.  If a Democrat says it then it has to be wonderful.  If a Republicans says it then it has to be evil, even if a Democrat says it first.

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Breitbart: Students Hate Quotes from Trump’s State of the Union, Until Realizing The Are Obama’s