ON THE RADIO: Americans Turning On Hateful Celebs

The major awards shows have taken a viewership hit the past few years.  This year it has become even more noticeable.  The Grammy’s had its lowest TV ratings in decades.  The Emmy’s had a similar near record low and its expected that the Oscars coming up in March will suffer as well.

Why is this?  It would appear that Americans are getting tired of watching and supporting American Hating celebrities.

This is further evidenced by the fact that the movie industry is in a huge, long standing slump.  Even expected block buster movies are not so big or they actually bomb.  Big name stars no longer mean a near guarantee success at the box office.

And to add to Hollywoods woes, the American people are tuning in to everything Trump.  The State of the Union saw near record numbers of viewers.  Trump’s approval numbers keep rising while Hollywood elites approvals keep dropping.

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