Racing For Their Lives

While the Maine Stream Media in the USA focuses on how North Korea’s Kim Yo Jung somehow upstaged Vice President Pence, the rest of the world focused on the athletes coming down from the northern dictatorship.

The North Korean athletes seem to be racing, running and performing for their lives, literally.  But the MSM in the USA wont cover it because it would shine a light on an evil government that is known the world over to be brutal and evil towards its own citizens.

This is obviously not somthing that is being made up but rather a repeat of history.  It seems this sort of scare tactic has been used in the past by Kim Jung Un’s father, Kim Jung Il.

I can only hope that the South Korean government can see way past their jubilation of “unification” during the Olympics to see that those athletes could indeed be in danger and offer them the chance and ability to stay in the South.

Lets hope.

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