Paper Pile: You Wont Believe What Whites Cant Do At Kenyon College

Now this takes stupid and stupidity beyond the next level.  There is an institute of higher learning that is taking political correctness to the level of absurd.

Due to a college professors play that he wrote, based on real life events, the students have decided to block it.  Yes, a play based on historical events is being called insensitive to brown people and even racist.

In short, this play, written by a white professor, is proof in the minds of the students of white privilege.  So the students have decided to form a group after the play was cancelled.  This group is all inclusive and anyone of any ethnic background can join.

The pip is this group, which bills itself as being inclusive and educational, is baring white student members from asking questions of minority students.  In fact the white students are told to actually answer their own questions.

I don’t know how you get accurate answers and learns about each other if you are not allowed to ask questions.  But then this is a college were education is obviously not the main event.

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